Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lottie's Room

K so I'm not pregnant, let's just get that set straight right off the bat. But I do really want a little girl someday & I think about it all the time... what I would name her (Charlotte (Lottie) Claire) how I would dress her... decorate her room... make fun things for her... and if I never get a girl there's a good chance I would adopt one so I can make this room! ;)

I'm thinking pink & orange! I just love this combination..of the pale pink & the tangerine. I also love it with the touches of goldenrod ....*sigh*... And I'm thinking a "woodsy" theme. Not sure why I put quotes around "woodsy"... it just seemed appropriate.

Martha Stewart Kids, Summer 2005 via LoobyLu

I love this color story...

I bought 1 yard of this awesome vintage wallpaper on etsy as a launching point for future Lottie's nursery. It's even cuter in person. Plus it was $5! A steal! I plan on cropping it most likely (a yard is a lot) and framing it & using it in a picture collage.

etsy seller craftvintage

This bedding has the right colors but I'm not totally sold on it yet. Not sure about the butterflies.

But I'd really love to incorporate foxes into the mix. No reason in particular... just think they are so cute & they fit the color scheme & the woodsy theme, right?

I love all of these prints. Wouldn't they be cute in the picture collage? Well maybe not ALL of them, but a couple? Which are your favorites?

etsy seller juxtaposeddesign

etsy seller pamelamichelle
etsy seller belleandboo
(one of my very favorite illustrators I've found on etsy)

etsy seller krisblues

etsy seller Jessica Swift

And a personalized silhouette... I love these. Or maybe just the classic face profile...

etsy seller saratams

I was thinking of making her a little stuffie like this but using the pale pink & tangerine...

etsy seller sleepyking

or this arctic fox (which kiiinda looks like a deer with a tail)

And maybe I'll make her a soft doll house like this one...

I'll throw in a few fun wooden foxes while I'm at it (however I don't have the tools to make these myself, but if I did I TOTALLY would)

etsy seller urastarhouse
love the woodgrain on this bunny clock by etsy seller decoylab

And, of course, I'd have to incorporate some faux bois somewhere.... maybe in a baby blanket? a wall treatment? a rug?

Martha Stewart Rugs

Is it all a bit too much? And maybe I'll hate it by the time little Lottie comes and I may even hate the name Lottie but for now... this is it. And I love it! :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So eventually I want to start posting my own creations on here - art pieces & handmade crafts & accessories... but in the mean time, I'll just post things that catch my fancy. I love to surf blogs & Etsy (my fave, as you'll see), and just drink in all the creative juice that's out there while wishing I was amongst those artsy folk making their imaginings into reality!

First is my new outfit obsession from my favorite store, Anthropologie. The perfect summer outfit! Modest & classy with a touch of artistic flair & it even has that easy breezy beachy feeling that I always love. Hmmm maybe I can recreate it cheaply somehow. I'll keep you updated on that search.

And I think it would be lovely topped off with this adorable purse I found on Etsy, made by

A few other things on my wishlist are:

Pink Studio's Chocolate Cherry Flat (if they weren't sold out of my size, I think these might be on my feet right now)
Gap's Boyfriend Watercolor Roll-up Sweater (quite a mouthful... but a mouthful of deliciousness!)

And then I've been drooling over these pants...

With all this spring in the air, I'm getting a little anxious for a more springy wardrobe!